Dads And Their Lawns

28th May 2010

Tips for June gardening from National Garden Gift Vouchers

June is a lovely month to be in the garden. With the evenings getting longer and brighter you can use your garden or patio as a great extension to your home, and just sit back and relax – once you’ve mowed the lawn.

It’s at this time of year that lawns need to be mowed more frequently and it’s traditionally one of those garden jobs that falls into the male domain. So, in celebration of Father’s Day (which falls this year on 20 June) here are some key pointers on getting that perfect lawn, taken from The Easy Guide to Lawn Care, an informative leaflet produced by The Royal Horticultural Society and the Horticultural Trades Association and available at local garden centres around the UK.

• During the summer months it may be necessary to mow at least once a week

• Raise the mower blades when mowing in very hot weather

• Do not mow when grass is wet or during a drought

• For electric mowers, use a circuit breaker for your safety should you mow over the lead

• Don’t collect your clippings during dry spells to help conserve moisture

• Water in dry spells unless there is a water shortage

• Newly planted lawns need plenty of water

• It’s better to water thoroughly from time to time rather than little and often

• Avoid watering in the heat of the day

• For small weeds use a spot lawn weed killer or physically remove

• Repair bare patches either with turf or by re-seeding

A large expanse of lawn can create a wonderful feeling of space in any garden. It blends perfectly with your beds and borders and provides space for your family and friends to play and relax. If you haven’t got a mower, then a trip to your local garden centre is a must where you will get advice on which one is best for your particular lawn requirements, and if you’ve got some National Garden Gift Vouchers you can put them towards the cost.

It’s a busy time in the garden with many tasks – not just lawn management – to keep you busy. The ‘to do’ list should include ensuring that all your plants are adequately fed and watered (particularly those in baskets and tubs), hoeing the vegetable plot and borders, picking your first fruits, sowing French and runner beans, weeding, pest control and harvesting vegetables sown in the Spring.

This month is also great for planting new and different perennial and annual plants as experiments in pots and borders. One that is great for pots, containers and borders (as well as for a Father’s Day gift) is Penstemon, aka Beard Tongue. Native to North and Central America it does exceptionally well in the UK and is part of the same plant family as the Snapdragon and Foxglove. The Penstemon is easy to grow and care for and gives a display of colour – white, bright red, deep purple, pink and yellow – from late Spring to the early frosts. It does well in a sunny spot, but is best not disturbed; once planted in its position it is happy to stay put.

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