How To Thrive In The Garden

27th March 2009

Ten Top Tips

Warm weather and sunshine mean more time in the garden – but what are the best methods to prepare your garden and keep it easy to maintain? Thrive, a national gardening charity that uses gardening to change lives, offers its top 10 easier gardening tips for Spring and Summer, to help make your garden beautiful and simple to keep up.

Thrive’s hints and tips provide a range of simple and effective solutions to help people adjust their garden to suit their needs during the warmer months. Though targeted primarily at older people and individuals with everyday disabilities – from arthritis to backache – everyone can take advantage of these practical instructions.

1. Raise the soil level or use raised beds to make accessing your garden easier.

2. Line container and hanging baskets with plastic to help prevent drying out.

3. Divide up flower and vegetable patches – this will enable you to maintain an area in one gardening session.

4. Choose climbing plants that are self-clinging – no support is required and they do not have to be regularly tied up.

5. Avoid very fast-growing plants which will require frequent pruning.

6. Select plants from which you can take cuttings easily – you can use these to fill gaps in the garden.

7. Use mulches of bark, plastic or gravel to help suppress weed growth and conserve moisture in the soil.

8. Replace hedges with fences for easier maintenance: it’s a small change that makes a big difference.

9. Use ground cover plants to cut down on weeding; they make the garden look more attractive too.

10. Vary your gardening tasks to vary body movements – and remember gardening makes for great exercise in the sun!

Thrive is a small national charity that champions the benefits of gardening, carries out research, and offers training and practical solutions so that anyone with a disability can take part in, benefit from and enjoygardening. Visit to find out more.

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