• Learn to Love Your Garden 19 Apr 19

    As the sun shone last summer, I lapped it up. Not just because I’m happiest in good weather, but because for the first time in a decade I was in possession of a garden, so could fully appreciate the... Read More

  • Work in Progress 22 Feb 19

    For hundreds of years, from the middle of the fifteenth century, there was a Manor House tucked away just south of St Mary’s Church in Harefield; there was a deer park on the site even earlier. By... Read More

  • Colour For February – And Beyond 16 Jan 15

    Gardening myth of the month is that you should knot daffodil leaves after they have finished flowering. But this is a definite ‘no’. Knotting daffodil leaves can restrict the photosynthesis... Read More

  • 'So Much Still To Do' 1 Aug 14

    Mick, 57, a Geordie by birth and upbringing, still has his Newcastle accent, though he’s lived ‘south of the Tyne’ (his words) since 1977. He’s been at Ashridge House – considered one of the... Read More

  • In The Garden: January/February 17 Jan 14

    Ventilate the greenhouse on sunny days • Dig over vacant plots if not dug already • Repair and re-shape lawn edges • Inspect stored tubers (Dahlia, Begonia, Canna) for rot or drying out... Read More

  • Spring Is In The Air 18 Oct 13

    1. Planting: Before planting, loosen the soil thoroughly. You might also want to work some compost into it. Then dig a hole and arrange the bulbs in an upright position. Small bulbs can simply be... Read More

  • Relax, It's Summer 7 Jun 13

    June is a lovely month to be in the garden. With evenings getting longer and brighter you can use your garden or patio as a great extension to your home, and just sit back and relax. It’s at... Read More

  • A Garden to Warm The Soul 29 Mar 13

    "Glow is a small city garden designed for a busy, eco-conscious owner wanting a low-maintenance, ethical garden that is strong on visual impact and style,” she explains. Although she is a... Read More

  • Planning For The Gardening Year 4 Jan 13

    It may be cold outside, but there is plenty of gardening you can do indoors – and even with your feet up. The first few weeks of the year are ideal for considering the overall structure and shape... Read More

  • In The Garden: May 27 Apr 12

    May is one of the most exciting garden months: everything is growing and the longer daylight hours mean that you have more time to get your hands dirty… or visit garden showcases such as Chelsea... Read More

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