Trend-Checking 2012

20th January 2012

Pastel colours have long been the 'bread and butter' of home décor and can work seamlessly as the foundation of colour, or as the prominent colour theme. Either way, these tones provide a palette that suits every home and never seems to go out of style. With soft shades set to hit the catwalks in the spring, they’ll be making the transition from fashion to interiors yet again in 2012.

There is a common misconception that pastels can make an interior look dated, but using them to combine a contrasting mix of textures within the home can create an easy, luxurious and modern vibe. Pastels are always popular for soft furnishings and bedding, too. These softer accessories create an eclectic, contemporary mix to the styling of the room when paired with strong, angular furniture designs – giving softer pastel colours a new, sharper edge.

Pretty delicate pinks, lemon yellows and baby blue are colours that keep any room feeling light and fresh, and by introducing stripes or polka dots, a dash of personality and light-heartedness can be added. Simple yet striking patterns (such as swirls, dots or stripes) in the curtains or in a rug create a subtle lift and a distinctive identity if the dominant colour influence is pale.

Natural pastel colours evoke a sophisticated look when used with classic smooth creams and fresh whites. Soft, muted upholstery and pale painted furniture pieces bring a sense of calm and elegance to a room, particularly when contrasted with strong shades on the walls.

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A cream chaise longue or an alabaster armchair delivers panache as the focal point to a room with a deep shade of carpet. The muted tones also bring a cosy ambience to the home. Natural wood tones or wood that painted with traditional white present an effortlessly clean and fresh feel to a room.

A beautiful bed (wooden or upholstered) and dressing table that use the pastel palette can look stunning and convey a refined enviable sense of boudoir-chic.

Pastels remain one of the most popular colour palettes for the home and 'pastel-power' is predicted to stay key for 2012. Understated yet sophisticated, the unobtrusive nature of pastel colours means that they blend, contrast and complement other styles. Whatever you put them with, whether you’re aiming for elegant and traditional or cool and contemporary, pastels can help bring together a home of class and grace…

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