Autumn's Bounty

9th September 2011

Twilight Cinders is inspired by the wider trend for a renewed appreciation of simplicity. For decades we have been trying to fit more into our lives – bigger houses, better cars and more gadgets – but at last we have stopped… and realised that it is not these things that make us happy. Reconnecting with family and friends, wholesome food, the beauty of nature… all are now taking a more significant role in our lives.

From fashion to food to home interiors, we’ve accepted mass production for too long. Colour schemes like Twilight Cinders are trying to capture a sense of mellow relaxation, reminding us to slow down and enjoy the imperfect and the unique. There’s no need to indulge in the wasteful quest for perfection when true happiness is a simple home filled with items which have personal relevance. After all, squashed and misshapen fruit still tastes just as sweet (and, of course, the colours look marvellous when crushed…).

The Twilight Cinders stripe card features six strengths, from a robust and slightly smoky shade of blackberry, full of warmth and reassurance, through to delicate heather tones which lend a certain ethereal elegance.

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