The Hi-Fidelity Canopy aka the Hi-Can

The Home Of The Future

1st April 2010

Jill Glenn reports on the home of the future

if i tell you that the Home of the Future section of this year’s Ideal Home Show is sponsored by Virgin Media, then you’re going to expect it to be heavily broadband dependent. And you’d be right. Shed your prejudices though; this isn’t just about downloading games before you’ve even decided that you want them, or streaming tv to the bedroom – although, of course, that does feature.

This is a world where a range of devices talk to each other: the cutting edge of the interaction between home entertainment and domestic technology…

Fancy a bath when you get in from work? Text ahead – to the bath, not your other half – and by the time you arrive home the water will be bubbling at the perfect temperature. Going out for the day? Pick up your umbrella, and you’ll have instant access to an up-to-date weather forecast. Can’t remember your appointments? Put your coffee cup down on a dedicated place on your kitchen worksurface and your diary will appear instantly on a nearby screen. Want to start watching a television programme in the living room, continue it in the kitchen while you cook and finish it off on your mobile phone as you head out? Welcome to a world where you can literally take your favourite television shows with you wherever you go.

Not that you’ll need to… Allow me to introduce Hi-Can (it might sound like a soft drink container, but it stands for Hi-Fidelity Canopy, and it’s a reminder that entertainment technology is going to dominate our lives like never before). The Hi-Can is a home entertainment ‘cocoon’ that will let you relax and enjoy life ‘on your own terms’, with technology that is – literally – embedded: components such as a built-in X-Box, PC, DLA projector, 70” home theatre screen, 4.1 Sound System, LED lights, iPhone/iPod controls and motorised blinds for privacy.

It’s a whole new world – and you won’t even have to get out of bed to experience it…

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