• Featured Restaurant: Peking Garden 15 Dec 17

    Peking Garden holds a special place in my heart, as one of the restaurants in which I first ate 'proper' Chinese food. I'm clearly not alone in my fondness for the place; established over 30 years... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Friends 1 Dec 17

    Steeped in history, the quaint black and white Tudor cottage that’s home to Friends restaurant is just as characterful outside as it is inside. With its slightly uneven floors, exposed black beams... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: L'Italiana 17 Nov 17

    With nothing to go on but an address, the Husband and I wander down the quaint, narrow lanes of St Albans seeking out this Italian eaterie. Moments later I find myself laughing out loud. We’re here... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Inso Pan 3 Nov 17

    There seems to be a penchant for noodle bars at the moment: they seem to be springing up in different guises on almost every high street. Wagamama may be the big daddy of this style of casual... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Coriander 20 Oct 17

    It’s Saturday night and the high street is packed. I have to sidestep a group of lads clutching their Coriander takeaway bags to enter this Indian eaterie, and, once inside, I find it’s buzzing... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Thai Square 22 Sep 17

    Thai Square, a largely London-based chain of restaurants, promises 'authentic Thai food in Thai-inspired surroundings'. Although the Tudor Tavern, a former public house with origins in the Middle... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Meze Mangal 8 Sep 17

    The humble kebab may get a bad rap for being the go-to source of post-pub consumption, but this a grievous disservice to such a tasty dish. French food? Too many rich cream sauces… Italian? A little... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Shendish Manor 25 Aug 17

    You could quite easily drive past the entrance to Shendish Manor and not even realise. Hidden away down a discreet lane, its setting is certainly picturesque – particularly on a lovely summer’s... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Virundhu 4 Aug 17

    On a quiet Wednesday at the dead start of summer, when all the world seems to have gone away, Virundhu, a new Sri Lankan restaurant in Eastcote, is over half-full, and buzzing. Although it's been open... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Rucola 14 Jul 17

    Rucola is positively buzzing on our arrival, and the patronage steadily increases as the evening wears on. From intimate tables for two, to big parties of ten or more, the place is a hive of... Read More

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