• Easter Table 24 Mar 17

    Preparation time: 15 minutes Makes: 8 cups Serves: 4 You’ll need: 2 tbsp low fat mayonnaise 1 lemon zest ½ lemon juice 1 tbsp chopped chives ½ tbsp chopped mint 2 roasted chicken... Read More

  • What's at Steak? 24 Mar 17

    Cooking steaks can be intimidating. A slow cooked meat dish is quite forgiving, but when it comes to steaks people are often afraid they will ruin them. Given the price of a prime steak that feels... Read More

  • Lettuce Celebrate 11 Nov 16

    Whether you’re hosting a full-scale Christmas party, or simply inviting a few friends around for drinks & nibbles – add some sparkle with these quick and easy recipe ideas that are sure to... Read More

  • Green, Glorious & Good For Every Body 22 Apr 16

    When it comes to a salad leaf that’s truly good for you, look no further than watercress. Bursting with vitamins and minerals, this peppery little leaf is a natural superfood. Pile it into... Read More

  • Afternoon Delight 6 Jun 14

    Sweet Eve is the result of a 25-year breeding program developed by master berry breeder Peter Vinson. It is an everbearer variety, meaning each plant produces fruit again and again from June to... Read More

  • Be Prepared 30 Nov 12

    It’s the motto not only of the Scouts, but of every crafty cook as the seasonal celebrations approach. Don’t do something new on the day: try it out ahead of time, so that you know it works and... Read More

  • Beautiful Green 20 Jul 12

    Similar in appearance to the traditional wild broccoli Cime di Rapa, eaten by our ancestors, bellaverde® was developed to have a less bitter taste than traditional broccoli. As a true ‘pure... Read More

  • Jubilee menu 25 May 12

    Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family, or enjoying a quiet few days with your doors closed and the television firmly off, the great flavours of seasonal fruit and vegetables will... Read More

  • Spice it Up 27 Apr 12

    Anjum’s cookery credentials are impeccable; she has written five books (four focused specifically on Indian food), and has done much to popularise the tasty cuisine of the sub-continent for home... Read More

  • Wild About Oats 16 Mar 12

    Oats are one of the best ways of consuming complex carbohydrates, ideal for their slow release energy – but there’s only so much porridge you can eat… Here are four great recipes from... Read More

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