• It's All About the Broccoli 16 Jun 17

    My father used to pride himself on his attitude towards food. ‘I eat to live,’ he said, frequently. ‘I don’t live to eat.’ It’s fair to say he wasn’t a foodie – but, as he survived... Read More

  • The Power of Ten 24 Mar 17

    Day one doesn’t begin well. A text from my bank advising me of suspicious activity on my account leads to half an hour on the phone to their fraud department at breakfast time. When my partner waves... Read More

  • Is Sushi Healthy? 16 Sep 16

    We are living in a generation where people are more aware of health and wellness than ever, and it’s now far easier to make the correct food choices. However, amongst some of these so called... Read More

  • All About Allergy 11 Mar 16

    In the supermarket ‘free from’ aisles, the world is your oyster. Shoppers with food allergies can buy dairy-free custard and wheatless pasta, along with quinoa flour and rice porridge. And buy... Read More

  • Liquid Lunch 2 Jan 15

    Kale – once the snack of choice for every well respecting guinea pig – is now the drink of choice for many an A-list celebrity. Today’s supermodels won’t get out of bed for less than $18,000... Read More

  • Any Dietary Requirements? 6 Jun 14

    The question posed in the title has been standard fare for many years on RSVPs and travel bookings, and it used to be fairly simple to answer. Vegetarians, vegans and those needing Kosher or Halal... Read More

  • An Apple A Day? 9 May 14

    The message is simple enough (really, what’s difficult about ‘eat more fruit and veggies’?) but there’s a dark side. It shared nutritional headlines with the news that the World Health... Read More

  • Pep-per Up Your Diet 3 Jan 14

    Green juices are currently the de rigueur alternative to coffee or tea for the virtuous amongst us. Not only nutritional powerhouses, they can taste pretty delicious too, provided you get the... Read More

  • A Man On A Mission 4 Oct 13

    In a western world obsessed with appearance, constantly venerating the super-slim, it’s ironic that both the USA and England now have major problems with obesity. Dr Pierre Dukan promotes a... Read More

  • Boost Your Brain 5 Oct 12

    Get Diet Smart Minimising your sugar intake is key to boosting brain health, says nutritional therapist and naturopath, Susse Wedel. “Keeping your sugar intake low is a major dietary requirement... Read More

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