Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh – pic: Peden + Munk

  • Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice 8 Sep 17

    Being described as ‘pornography for the foodie classes’ may not be quite the accolade that every chef wants to hear, but award-winning restaurateur and food writer Yotam Ottolenghi takes it like a... Read More

  • Boxing Clever 21 Apr 17

    According to a recent survey the ‘average mother’ relies on a mere nine recipes to feed her family. Now, according to my three teenagers, I fall well below average in so many areas of the... Read More

  • A New Nest 17 Mar 15

    North West London will soon have an exciting new restaurant and bar, Pecking Order. With a menu centered on rotisserie chicken, seasonal sides and indulgent sauces, gremolata and a selection of... Read More

  • Much More Than Marmalade 31 Oct 14

    There comes a point in the life span of food fashion when resistance is futile. Pachamama is a case in point. Its head chef is Tom Catley, who signed up to the space – a former bolt hole beloved of... Read More

  • A Sign That All Is Well 26 Apr 13

    ‘Bread on the table is a sign that all is well’, says the introduction to the Herberts’ first recipe book, The Fabulous Baker Brothers, which concentrated on breads and other ‘manly’ baked... Read More

  • An Instant Hit 1 Mar 13

    Forget the recession – there’s one sector of the economy that needs no stimulation: the ‘energy drink’. With sales now as sky high as the heart rate of their consumers, this new type of... Read More

  • A Stranger At The Table 2 Nov 12

    With a reputation for stuffiness, dinner parties were ousted in the 90s and noughties by our love of eating out and dislike of candlesticks, place cards and charades. But like a Hyacinth Bucket... Read More

  • Kitchen Aid 5 Oct 12

    Now, let’s get one thing absolutely clear. I am not incapable of cooking. My current repertoire includes a range of dishes, and not all of them involve toast. Nevertheless, when it comes to... Read More

  • The Hairy Bakers 30 Mar 12

    Si and Dave are the lovably hirsute duo who became a surprise overnight sensation thanks to their down-to-earth devotion for all things ‘grub’. From The Hairy Bikers do Portugal, the pilot that... Read More

  • Modern Fridge Staples 30 Mar 12

    Mineral water, olives and pro-biotic drinks are the modern fridge foods most likely to be found in kitchens up and down the country. A study has shown that curry paste, hummus and a... Read More

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