‘Khazana’ is published by Hodder and Stoughton rrp £25

  • What Saliha Did Next 12 Oct 18

    Back in May 2017 Saliha fought off competition from 63 other talented contestants, and triumphed through seven weeks of crazy MasterChef culinary challenges, before meeting fellow amateur cooks... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: K2 Balti 12 Oct 18

    It’s hard to miss K2 Balti House. It makes for an impressive floodlit presence on one of the main roads leading into the town centre of Hemel Hempstead. This is a big, roomy restaurant that’s... Read More

  • Kitchen Confidence 28 Sep 18

    “I think people can get nervous about cooking,” the much-loved tv chef tells me. “I wanted to write a book that’s really simple, easy and goes back to basics.” She insists she’s not trying... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Virundhu Street Kitchen 14 Sep 18

    A genuine Sri Lankan street kitchen, like the famous ones in capital city Colombo, must be an incredible experience: a multi-sensory assault of sound, smell and colour, and an overwhelming choice of... Read More

  • Beyond Baked Beans 31 Aug 18

    The stereotypes surrounding student cooking are legendary… and, when you think about it, limited: beans on toast, pot noodles, takeaways, all washed down with cheap wine. For some, that’s probably... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Lussmanns 31 Aug 18

    There are three floors to Lussmanns St Albans. Its official entrance is via Waxhouse Gate, but we come in from the Heritage Close side, drawing back a heavy curtain over the door with a sense of... Read More

  • The Royal Oak 17 Aug 18

    The newly painted dark petrol blue interior of Bushey’s Royal Oak is a world away from the tired appearance of recent years. Now the atmosphere is beautifully moody – mismatched tables and... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Gusto Bistro 3 Aug 18

    “This isn’t just any restaurant,” claims Chef Patron Allan Himowicz, as he greets me and my husband on our arrival at this tiny and unassuming bistro. And he’s right. Where else does a... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Thompson 6 Jul 18

    Chef Patron Phil Thompson has trained under such illustrious culinary legends as Christophe Novelli and Marco Pierre White, and is a rising star himself – with a cv that includes a Michelin star and... Read More

  • Have Your Cake and Eat It 15 Jun 18

    For A chef known for gloriously tasty, yet healthy recipes and a pragmatic approach to dieting, being diagnosed as insulin resistant and pre-diabetic was a shock. “My doctor blithely told me to give... Read More

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