• Food for Thought 23 Mar 18

    Having spent his entire career arguing for the benefits of local produce and environmental sound eating, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is still troubled by the sheer size of what he is up against... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: M18 23 Mar 18

    M18 opens onto a vast interior, cleverly partitioned to create two smaller spaces, with a dark and moody atmosphere: charcoal walls, accents of burnt orange – and some very funky lighting on both... Read More

  • Feed Your Skin 9 Mar 18

    1. Look Younger with Lotus Seeds Popped lotus seeds may just look like any other savoury snack, but the seeds contain plant compounds that can have antioxidant activity, including different types... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Porta Grande 9 Mar 18

    Last autumn, a cosy Italian eaterie called Fellini entered its metaphorical chrysalis – and emerged as a stylish restaurant-cum-wine bar, with a new name of Porta Grande. After its sophisticated... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Hawtrey's 23 Feb 18

    Peace and tranquillity reign in this regally elegant mahogany-panelled dining room. With the brocade swags and tails, polished silver cutlery, starched linen tablecloths and sparkling glasses glinting... Read More

  • Eating with Body and Soul in Mind 9 Feb 18

    An estimated 542,000 Britons are vegan: one in every 100 people, up from 150,000 a decade earlier. What was once a fringe lifestyle choice associated with hippies and animal rights activists is now... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Kayra 9 Feb 18

    With dark tables, chairs and floor, and walls of a pleasingly indeterminate shade somewhere between ecru and stone, there's a relaxed atmosphere at newly opened Turkish restaurant Kayra. The window... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: The Steak Restaurant 26 Jan 18

    I’ve never come across an 1800˚F Grill before, but having been enlightened at The Steak Restaurant, the latest establishment to open in the dining-out mecca that is Hatch End, I’m a convert. I... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: The Highwayman 12 Jan 18

    The discreet street-side frontage of The Highwayman, a White Brasserie pub in a Georgian building on Berkhamsted High Street, conceals a surprisingly Tardis-like interior, with a cosy bar area, a... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Peking Garden 15 Dec 17

    Peking Garden holds a special place in my heart, as one of the restaurants in which I first ate 'proper' Chinese food. I'm clearly not alone in my fondness for the place; established over 30 years... Read More

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