Woodside Morris Men dancing at Rickmansworth Folk Festival

  • All the Fun of the Folk 22 Sep 17

    Folk arts have seen a massive resurgence in recent years, with bands such as Mumford and Sons making singalongs with a fiddle ‘cool’, and a wealth of festivals celebrating all-things-folk... Read More

  • 20 Years of Google 8 Sep 17

    1. Google is now a verb (with a small ‘g’): It’s been a byword for going online since 2006, when it was officially recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary. Merriam Webster defines it as... Read More

  • Good Grief 25 Aug 17

    I remember exactly where I was on 16 August 1977. It was the day Elvis died. But it’s only stuck in my memory because I casually relayed the news to someone who promptly collapsed in sobs. She was... Read More

  • Pink Collared and Proud 16 Jun 17

    Recently I spent hours, online and off, trying to buy my teenage daughter a second-hand car. I had Auto Trader on speed dial and soon became an authority on the relative performance of every small car... Read More

  • Genning Up 2 Jun 17

    The generation in which we grew up defines us just as much as our nationality, class or gender; it informs our values, our outlook on life, and probably even our economic status. As we approach the... Read More

  • Online… and Immortal 5 May 17

    ‘See your memories...’ Every day, Facebook invites us to look back: at the parties, at the weddings, at the banal status updates. The ‘On this Day’ feature, introduced in 2015, seems harmless... Read More

  • Classroom Conundrum 24 Feb 17

    As anyone who has ever booked a summer holiday knows, prices soar the minute schools break up. The same is true for Christmas, Easter, and half term. Nor is it a question of just a couple of pounds... Read More

  • Seeing In The Silver Age 27 Jan 17

    Britain is getting older. Thanks to falling birth rates, smaller families, improved healthcare and better living standards, we’re going grey. It’s not as significant here as in, say, Japan, but... Read More

  • Simply Ear-resistible 9 Dec 16

    “He’s given me an identity, a purpose and made me complete.” No, it’s not a quote from the latest rom com or a line from a current love song, but something far more... Read More

  • Standing Out From The Crowd 11 Nov 16

    Nineteen-year-old Hannah Moore from Dorset was desperate to have her leg amputated. She had been in constant agony for years suffering from the rare complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). However, the... Read More

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