Volunteers from the British Hens Welfare Trust with some of their feathered charges

  • Animal Rescue 15 Dec 17

    New Hope was founded in 1990 by two self-styled ‘ordinary house-wives’, Janet Hosier and Sheila Meaning, who saw the many people sleeping rough around St Mary’s Church in the centre of Watford... Read More

  • Keepers of the Law 3 Nov 17

    It was King Richard I (1157-1199) who came up with the idea of ‘keepers of the law’ to uphold the rules of the land. Little did he imagine that, 850 years later, the concept would still be... Read More

  • Choosing Life in the Slower Lane 20 Oct 17

    They may be able to whip up a soufflé, talk to gorillas, top the charts, win a BAFTA and offend half the country respectively, but there’s one thing that Marco Pierre White, Sir David Attenborough... Read More

  • The Tyranny of the Ticking Clock 20 Oct 17

    I turned 30 recently. Soon afterwards, a relative enquired cheerfully: ‘So, have you just decided not to have children?” Married for several years, established in my career and healthy, the... Read More

  • All the Fun of the Folk 22 Sep 17

    Folk arts have seen a massive resurgence in recent years, with bands such as Mumford and Sons making singalongs with a fiddle ‘cool’, and a wealth of festivals celebrating all-things-folk... Read More

  • 20 Years of Google 8 Sep 17

    1. Google is now a verb (with a small ‘g’): It’s been a byword for going online since 2006, when it was officially recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary. Merriam Webster defines it as... Read More

  • Good Grief 25 Aug 17

    I remember exactly where I was on 16 August 1977. It was the day Elvis died. But it’s only stuck in my memory because I casually relayed the news to someone who promptly collapsed in sobs. She was... Read More

  • Pink Collared and Proud 16 Jun 17

    Recently I spent hours, online and off, trying to buy my teenage daughter a second-hand car. I had Auto Trader on speed dial and soon became an authority on the relative performance of every small car... Read More

  • Genning Up 2 Jun 17

    The generation in which we grew up defines us just as much as our nationality, class or gender; it informs our values, our outlook on life, and probably even our economic status. As we approach the... Read More

  • Online… and Immortal 5 May 17

    ‘See your memories...’ Every day, Facebook invites us to look back: at the parties, at the weddings, at the banal status updates. The ‘On this Day’ feature, introduced in 2015, seems harmless... Read More

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