• Boomerang Children 4 Oct 19

    A New York judge recently ordered 30-year-old Michael Rotondo to move out of his parent’s house. The ruling came after the court were shown the increasingly exasperated letters his parents sent... Read More

  • To the Beat of a Different Drum 6 Sep 19

    Imagine what it must be like waking up to find that you have had a stroke. Yesterday you were running your own business and enjoying sport; today you can’t walk or feed or wash yourself without... Read More

  • A Second Chance Would Be a Fine Thing 23 Aug 19

    Doing porridge may be popular slang for spending time in prison, but for some convicted felons, a bowl of warm oats is the very last thing on the menu. Instead, ex-offenders on two rehabilitation... Read More

  • Tick Tock… Stop the Biological Clock 7 Jun 19

    At 34, Emily Hartridge, personal trainer and founder of the worldwide hit YouTube show 10 Reasons Why, had been single for eight years when the subject of freezing her eggs first came up. She didn’t... Read More

  • Hard Cash… and the Lack of It 22 Mar 19

    They say money makes the world go round. But is that money tangible – coins and notes – or is it digital transactions; card payments, bank transfers, smartphone taps? Increasingly, it’s the... Read More

  • Behind Closed Doors 28 Dec 18

    From the Tower of London to the town lock-up, old prisons have always intrigued us. Let’s face it, we enjoy the grim frisson of the impregnable architecture, the lurid stories of the inmates... Read More

  • After the War was Over 9 Nov 18

    “The Armistice was signed at five… the War ceased at eleven,” announced Lloyd George, as the ‘war to end all wars’ came to an end. Yet it wasn’t the final war and, while the conflict may... Read More

  • A Brush with the Law 26 Oct 18

    With some trepidation, I report for a briefing at 6.30am to Watford Central Police Station, which is located, splendidly, in Shady Lane – a great name for a place that deals with criminals. Before I... Read More

  • Backing for the Battle-Weary 12 Oct 18

    “Whenever humans come into contact there’s potential for dispute,” offers Victoria Harris, CEO at Mediation Hertfordshire, a not-for-profit organisation that helps individuals and businesses who... Read More

  • What's in a Name? 31 Aug 18

    When tv presenter Dawn Porter married actor Chris O’Dowd, she joined the growing number of people choosing to blend their surnames to create a new ‘portmanteau’ one. “I am lucky that I have... Read More

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