• Story by Pam Carter 16 Dec 11

    A standing ovation reverberates around the theatre. Feet are stamping, raucous whistles and shouts of “More! More!” all rise to a crescendo as yet another character steps forward to tremendous... Read More

  • Story by Sharon Sibley: Runner-up 16 Dec 11

    There was no way I was going to miss the first trip. I’d have looked such a loser in front of my friends. Their fathers all do stuff with them. Sports. Having adventures. Being buddies. My Dad’s... Read More

  • Story by Philip Lawder: Winner 16 Dec 11

    “Reckon it’s going to be clear tonight, Billy.” We’d waited a week for this. I looked across at Uncle Jake. He was peeping at me over his copy of Farmers Weekly, a deeply lined face... Read More

  • Story by Mavis Pachter 16 Dec 11

    We were looking for solitude and peace. Our landcruiser rolled over the gravel and stopped in front of our Lodge. It was set back into rockface and blended into the landscape. Before going... Read More

  • Story by Jean Marshall 16 Dec 11

    My name is Anna but it should be Ariadne. Do you know Ariadne’s story? In ancient times she was the lovely daughter of Minos, King of Crete. One day Prince Theseus arrived from Athens; his... Read More

  • Story by Carole Russell: Runner-up 16 Dec 11

    It was a ridiculous name. She’d always hated it. It was worse than Peaches, Trixibelle, Cruz- in fact, worse than any of those celebrity children. What had her dad been thinking? Whenever she’d... Read More

  • Story by Shreya Arora 16 Dec 11

    “3, 2, 1 lift off!” yelled the ground attendant. The helicopter gradually caught speed on the runway and soon it was off into the amber sky. The last rays of the sun painted the distant hills with... Read More

  • Story by Anne Hearn 16 Dec 11

    She didn’t come to visit very often, but when she did it was a cause of great excitement on Beth’s part. For the hours before each visit Beth would be jumping up and down in anticipation. It... Read More

  • Story by Sue Pettit 16 Dec 11

    It all started on an exceptional starlit night, perfect for their adventure. It would be light enough to let them see where they were going but not light enough for prying eyes so Joe set things in... Read More

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