• Changing Faces 4 Aug 17

    When Cara Delevingne graced the red carpet at the Met Gala 2017, it was evident that she was a different woman entirely from the shy and awkward ‘It Girl’-turned-model who first rose to prominence... Read More

  • Snow Slays 30 Jun 17

    For nearly half a decade the battle to be rated the greatest show on the box has been conquered – series in, series out – by Game of Thrones, screened by American cable/satellite television... Read More

  • What's Cooking? 19 May 17

    As emotional as MasterChef finals go, this one even brought a tear to John Torode’s eye. He was seen discreetly wiping his sleeve across his face after he and co-judge Gregg Wallace presented... Read More

  • Gemma's Finest Hour 21 Apr 17

    Since making her cinematic breakthrough a decade ago as the head girl at notoriously anarchic all-girls school St. Trinian’s, Gemma Arterton has embodied a number of iconic British female roles... Read More

  • Viola's Triple Crown 10 Mar 17

    Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons – the list of actors who have won the prestigious Triple Crown of Acting is a veritable Who’s Who of the industry’s greatest talents. The... Read More

  • The Maverick Medic 10 Feb 17

    It’s 1955, and a seven year old boy from a council estate in Scunthorpe is sitting in front of his brand new television, mesmerised by a programme about surgery called Your Life In Their Hands... Read More

  • Word To The Weisz 27 Jan 17

    Historical, fact-based drama is the kind of genre that demands a steady hand – one where production, direction and acting must aim for a sweet spot in order to convey those facts as authentically as... Read More

  • Dan's Beastly Side 30 Dec 16

    Amid an alarming trend towards modern takes on films that don’t need them, there are some gems that simply shine too brightly to ignore. Enter Disney’s forthcoming live-action remake of the 1991... Read More

  • Rock On … And On 25 Nov 16

    As a founding member of one of Britain’s most long-lived and successful rock bands, Francis Rossi could be forgiven for having a ready-made, cliché-filled answer as to why they are still filling... Read More

  • It's A String Thing 25 Nov 16

    Internationally recognised as one of today’s leading classical violinists, the brilliantly effervescent Tasmin Little, 51, is at home in concert halls on every continent. She’s been awarded an... Read More

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