• A Right Royal Adventure 18 Oct 19

    From comedy to drama, and from stage to tv to big screen, Olivia Colman has nailed every single role of her eclectic career with aplomb. She began at the much-renowned Footlights Dramatic Club... Read More

  • A Desire To Be Different 20 Sep 19

    The iconic Dame Vivienne Westwood needs little introduction – in attempting one, a journalist of even the highest calibre would struggle to come up with enough adjectives to do justice to one of the... Read More

  • The Man Every Other Man Wanted to Be 19 Jul 19

    Hunting for a leading man to play opposite her in She Done Him Wrong in 1933, Mae West spotted a slender young actor on the Paramount studio lot, looked him up and down and purred, “If he can... Read More

  • Daleks and Doctors 7 Jun 19

    For three years in the 1970s, as plucky Doctor Who companion Jo Grant, Katy Manning battled intergalactic monsters from Daleks to Sea Devils, from Dæmons to giant maggots. Alongside the dashing Jon... Read More

  • All the World Is Still a Stage 17 May 19

    He’s bold, charismatic, strong, controversial and effortlessly funny, but there is a serious side to Sir Patrick, someone who can justifiably be referred to as British acting royalty. A man loved by... Read More

  • Crossing the Bridge 3 May 19

    On a cold morning in January 2008, hundreds of people were walking across Waterloo Bridge, on their way to work. Jonny Benjamin was sitting on the edge of the bridge, ready to end his life. Were the... Read More

  • The Colour of Old Conkers 5 Apr 19

    He’s tall, lean, devastatingly handsome, and with a confident insouciance that’s enormously charismatic. It’s easy to see why journalist, writer and broadcaster Kate Spicer is completely under... Read More

  • Something in the Way She Moves 22 Mar 19

    Of all the hidden gems to be found on YouTube, one of the sweetest is a short clip, lasting just over a minute, of ten-year-old Anna Rose O’Sullivan dancing at a local ballet school performance. Her... Read More

  • Between a Rock and a Good Place 25 Jan 19

    Unlike his most famous incarnation, Sylvester Stallone isn’t the sort of guy who panders to sentimentality – “I work, I earn money, I look after my family… that’s about it, really... Read More

  • Keeping up with Kidman 11 Jan 19

    There is a level of consistency that has always accompanied Nicole Kidman’s work. From breakthrough brilliance (Dead Calm and Days of Thunder) to shimmering showtime magnificence (Moulin Rouge... Read More

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