Air pollution due to heavy traffic in Bangkok, Thailand; © Martin Harvey / WWF

  • Time is Running Out 14 Sep 18

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the naturalist Chris Packham. We agreed that the current crop of politicians were a hopeless bunch, fiddling while the state of the nation’s wildlife... Read More

  • Making a Metre… for Wildlife 18 May 18

    TOP TITCHMARSH TIPS ON CREATING ‘PLOTS FOR POLLINATORS’ • Measure out one square metre of outdoor space and fill it with open-flowered, nectar-rich plants. Choose a sunny, sheltered position... Read More

  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side 5 May 17

    Someone once suggested to me that my role as a writer was to point out things that other people were in too much of a hurry to notice. I’m not sure I’d attribute to myself something so... Read More

  • All Things Wild and Wonderful 7 Apr 17

    A fuel policy that has demoted renewable energy, and promotes the destructive and divisive process of fracking. A High Speed rail project which, between London and the West Midlands alone, is going to... Read More

  • Here We Go Round 2 Sep 16

    The trunk of the old mulberry tree in the front garden of Keats House is gnarled and knobbly, bent and twisted. In fact, it’s almost prostrate on the lawn. If you weren’t aware of the growth... Read More

  • In Pursuit of a Private Passion 3 Jun 16

    I’m something of an idler down nature’s byways. I flatter myself that I’m keenly attuned to the spirt of place; since childhood I’ve always strayed from the well-trodden path in search of my... Read More

  • Stranger in the Camp 25 Mar 16

    If you are prone to the occasional desolate thought in the dreary, leafless, colourless dead of winter, then a few brief notes of birdsong, if only the modest chirrups of sparrows, are like messages... Read More

  • Starry, Starry Nights 1 Jan 16

    When was the last time you saw the stars (the ones in the sky, that is)? If you live in an urban area, the answer is probably a good while ago, or maybe when you were on holiday. To look up and see... Read More

  • Hawthorn's Heritage 31 Jul 15

    When David Cameron embarked on his short-lived bid to rebrand the Conservative party and emphasise its green roots, an oak leaf was chosen as the advertising motif. Were it not for its association... Read More

  • Green And Pleasant 19 Jun 15

    The community in London’s Rotherhithe first heard of Thames Water's plans for King's Stairs Gardens (KSG) back in the autumn of 2010. The utility company wanted to use the park – one of the last... Read More

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