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  • The Lie of the Land 23 Nov 18

    In the years since 1918, much time has been devoted towards examining the causes of the war, the reasons why it unfolded as it did, and its social consequences. However, relatively little attention... Read More

  • Historic Luxe 6 Jul 18

    Maybe it’s the 'Downton Abbey' effect, but visiting historic houses is a lot more fun than it used to be. Spaces once stuffy and dusty are now vibrant with imaginative art interventions, exhibitions... Read More

  • The Golden Age of Ocean-Going 9 Feb 18

    My maternal grandmother, the daughter of a cranedriver at the Clyde docks, was fond of reminiscing about the past, and of telling me about our family’s years in America, after migrating there during... Read More

  • A Giant Bear of a Man 26 Jan 18

    It says plenty about skewed human priorities that while the Rothschild banking dynasty is famous, not to mention envied, for its massive wealth, the contribution made by several family members to... Read More

  • If You've Got it, Haunt it! 20 Oct 17

    When ‘ET’ hit the big screen in the early 80s, the nation didn’t just become enamoured with a cute and vulnerable alien, it also became enchanted with the idea of celebrating Halloween on a much... Read More

  • The Romance of the Railways 22 Sep 17

    When you go for the train, do you regret always being in such a rush that you never have time to take in your surroundings? You have a vague awareness of quickly passing through a rather reassuring... Read More

  • Chorleywood Remembers 26 Nov 16

    It’s the legacy of the unspeakable horror of the First World War that one hundred years later we still commemorate its Armistice every November. It was the ‘war to end all wars’ in which... Read More

  • Battle of Britain Memories Wanted 15 Nov 16

    Staff at the museum have collected stories from people who worked on the RAF base and are interested in the recollections of people who lived nearby. Did you live in the area in 1940? Perhaps you knew... Read More

  • An Adventure We Never Regretted 11 Nov 16

    a beautifully conceived, and brilliantly executed building, the new Heath Robinson Museum is the first purpose-built museum in Greater London for over 40 years. It’s the sort of undertaking that... Read More

  • Strings From The Somme 14 Oct 16

    When Watford Phil’s Jeanne Mann takes up her bow for the first few notes of the Méditation from Massenet’s Thäis she’ll be using a unique instrument that very few musicians have had the... Read More

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