• Home for Lunch 14 Sep 18

    For better, for worse, but not for lunch. I’ve been married for 25 years, and for 25 years on weekdays I have eaten lunch either alone, with friends or with a variety of offspring (my own and... Read More

  • For Better... For Work 12 Feb 16

    ‘All that matters is love and work’ – said Sigmund Freud. It may be grammatically incorrect (all that matters ‘are’ love and work, surely) but the bearded guru must get some credit for... Read More

  • The Highs & Hassles of Mid-Life Dating 18 Sep 15

    When Lisa Edwards, 48, first began online dating five years ago, after the collapse of her marriage, she was surprised to find (in her own words) that she was no longer ‘a catch’. “I had this... Read More

  • Child-Free Zone 13 Mar 15

    The Pope and the actress Helen Mirren may, on the surface, seem poles apart (the pontiff rarely seen in a red swimsuit advertising face cream; Dame Helen not known for waving from balconies to... Read More

  • After The Affair 27 Feb 15

    Mike* will never know for certain whether or not his life fell apart because his (now ex-)wife, Claire, was having an affair. Claire has always maintained not. Mike has his suspicions. Looking back... Read More

  • When I'm 64… or more 25 Apr 14

    Recently, my sister and I were tucking into Sunday lunch with our parents when Dad piped up “Neither of us wants to be cremated.” While he sliced into his roast potato and poured some extra... Read More

  • Happily Ever After 31 Jan 14

    So, after months of preparation it’s nearly here and, hopefully, your wedding day will be everything you dreamed it would be from the minute you said ‘yes’ to his proposal. But what happens... Read More

  • Best Served Cold 18 Oct 13

    Was there anyone not secretly gripped by the saga of former Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne and his ex-wife when it dominated the news earlier this year? Thanks to Ms Pryce’s Greek origins (she was... Read More

  • Techno Trouble 4 Jan 13

    Every morning, as the pitch-black winter night presses against my bedroom window I awake to the ghostly glow of an iPhone. It’s the same light that hovers over me as I lie in bed at night trying to... Read More

  • Green-Eyed and Grown-Up 12 May 11

    From Cain and Abel to Kylie and Dannii, sibling rivalry is as old – and predictable – as time itself. For the two biblical brothers, it was God who brought out the green-eyed monster in both of... Read More

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