Top Tips For Green Housekeeping

17th July 2009

As the Government urges everyone in the UK to take steps to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change, Calor offers some simple steps for anyone wanting to make a difference to their carbon footprint this summer around the house and garden:

Calor’s top tip is: Grill with Gas

For eco-friendly al fresco dining, Calor suggests using a gas barbecue instead of the traditional charcoal version. New research has, apparently, found that charcoal barbecues have three times the carbon footprint of gas. (So, if you’re a gadget freak who just needed an excuse, you’ve got one: Gas is green…)

Rediscover the clothes line

Make the most of the warmer weather and hang your washing outside to dry instead of switching on the tumble dryer. Tumble dryers are one of the most energy-intensive appliances in the home; choosing a clothes line instead will significantly cut your carbon output – and the scent of the outdoors on freshly dried clothes beats anything you can buy in a bottle.

Reduce food waste

Even if you’re throwing the biggest barbecue party on the planet, make sure you buy only the food that you need. The UK throws away 6.7 million tonnes of food every year – including 1.2 million sausages every day – which causes carbon dioxide emissions from the landfill process. Overfilling your household fridge or freezer will actually make it work less efficiently by cutting the space needed for air to circulate.

Keep the lawn longer

Cut down the amount of time you spend mowing your lawn. Many people are guilty of cutting grass too short, meaning that the blades struggle to retain water during the warm summer months. As well as keeping your lawn healthy you’ll be able to reduce the energy used by electric lawn mowers or strimmers.

Turn the lights off

While the evenings are lighter for longer, break the habit of turning lamps and lights on throughout the house. In dark areas where lighting is necessary use energy efficient light bulbs, which last around ten times longer than ordinary light bulbs and use only 20 per cent of the electricity.

Switch appliances off standby

Many people cut down on their television viewing during the summer months in favour of sunbathing and barbecues but make sure you turn the TV off at the plug. Appliances left on standby contribute a huge amount to household energy usage and turning them off will shave valuable pounds of fuel bills too.

Check your heating

Make sure your heating system is fully turned off. It’s easy not to realise that your boiler is still pumping out heat, especially if you’re out or have the doors and windows open on a hot day.

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