• Look At Life: Guilt 6 Oct 17

    I seem to be feeling guilty all the time: a constant niggling like an itch that needs to be scratched. I’m a nice person (I hope) and I certainly haven’t committed any dastardly crime that I... Read More

  • Look At Life: Ballroom Dancing 8 Sep 17

    I’ve been a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing ever since it launched and have been dying to take to the dancefloor myself for a number of years. It’s fair to say, though, that my husband has... Read More

  • Look At Life: Online Identity 25 Aug 17

    a baby is born in Sydney, Australia. Her mother emails a photograph to the rest of the family, back home in New Delhi. Little Amala’s grandfather puts it on Facebook. Within 30 seconds his other... Read More

  • Look at Life: London Life 4 Aug 17

    My husband was brought up in Birmingham. When we visit his parents, he gets cross with me for describing our journey as ‘down from London’. Geographically speaking, he’s right of course– the... Read More

  • Look At Life: Potholes 14 Jul 17

    If potholes are driving you round the bend (and often up the verge too), it’s the Romans you should be blaming. If we could only go back 3,000 years and reduce the cost of clay, we wouldn’t be... Read More

  • Look At Life: Plastic 30 Jun 17

    At the start of June, I received a challenge – to go plastic-free for a month. Plastic-free? Isn’t that for Green Party activists and people who spend their days sauntering around farmers... Read More

  • Look At Life: Growing Old (Dis)Gracefully 16 Jun 17

    If you believe the mainstream media, I should be feeling invisible. I’m on the verge of middle-age – I’ve begun the slow, inevitable decline into worthlessness and irrelevance. I’m... Read More

  • Look At Life: Food Excess 2 Jun 17

    Once upon a time, a sandwich was just a sandwich. Two rounds of bread and a layer of something basic: cheese, or ham, or egg. Choose a sandwich for lunch in a café or a pub and that’s all you... Read More

  • Look at Life: Too Many Books 19 May 17

    ‘Twenty five million books missing from UK libraries’, screamed (or should that be ‘whispered’) a newspaper headline a couple of months back. Er… I think a few of them may be in my home. Not... Read More

  • Look at Life: Adult Colouring Books 5 May 17

    RELAXING, I find, is very hard work. I envy the people who can just switch off, empty their heads of everyday worries and chill out. Even as a child I struggled to settle my restless mind. If I... Read More

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