Scholarship Savvy

23rd February 2018

Whether you’re a geek, an entrepreneur, or a frustrated philanthropist, there’s a new scholarship programme designed especially for unconventional talents. And what counts is not academic grades, but passion, originality and tenacity…

Financial aid is on offer to standout individuals who have unusual talents or are keen to make a real difference in the world., a European social start-up, is collaborating with its partner, idealo, to award ten scholarships worth a total of £80,000 to students who’ve got ‘something special’.

Dr Mira Maier (pictured above), co-founder and managing director of, explains: “For the sake of our future, we’ve got to support truly creative talent. Their ideas, their energy, and their dedication are what will bring real progress to this world. But talent like this is often spotted not by grades but by their personalities.”

The new scholarship programme is intended to break through financial barriers to provide recipients with the support they need to expand their distinctive vision and ideas. Elina Vorobjeva, Senior Press Manager for idealo, says: “We believe it takes talent from a wide range of backgrounds to make real advances in society and that innovation always springs from free and independent spirits. In the UK, however, the fostering of talent has been based far too much on academic grades. That’s why, when it comes to financial support, we’re committed to putting greater emphasis on individuality.”

In order to be one of the ten recipients who’ll receive financial support to the tune of £650 a month for a whole year to put towards their studies, plus coaching especially tailored to their subject, applicants will need to apply before 15 April 2018 by uploading a short video link or essay. “We want the video or essay to help us to get to know your personality and understand what makes you special, so be creative,” says Dr Maier. All the relevant information can be found by visiting

“While there are thousands of scholarship programmes available in the UK, most of them aren’t well known,” continues Dr Maier. “And because of that, only a few apply for them. The scholarship search engine is designed to precisely match the application requirements of scholarships to the specific qualifications of each applicant.”

This innovative European social start-up has already awarded 49 scholarships, worth a total of £425,000, to talented people such as these:

The engaged refugee: Although he arrived in Europe only recently, he is currently already completing his master’s degree in business administration. He dedicates all his free time to several children’s charity organisations, including volunteering as a team leader at a Red Cross summer camp.

The nature lover: Currently studying business administration, she has hiked all the way from Mexico to Canada (4,300 km) to remind everyone of the importance of the natural environment.

The NGO founder: He studies marketing, and on the side he has founded a relief organisation that builds orphanages in Cameroon.
The confession-app inventor: He is a business administration student who just can’t stop inventing new things, including a new app.

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