Max – a Trainee Attending School Dog, who works at a Primary School in Somerset, practising the 'snuggle' command © Dogs Helping Kids

  • Paw-trait of an Education 21 Apr 17

    When children arrive at Mandeville Primary School, St Albans, every morning, they’re greeted not only by their teachers, but also by another very special member of the school team. This individual... Read More

  • The Fourth Pillar 7 Apr 17

    A generation has grown up with the internet, and the way that they connect with friends and with the wider world is at best perplexing, and at worst unfathomable, to older members of society. Every... Read More

  • Top Ten Tips for Teens 24 Mar 17

    1. GET PLANNING Before you do anything, sit down and work out a realistic revision timetable, with plenty of breaks and time for social stuff too. One way you can do this is divide however long you... Read More

  • Taking Time to Talk And Listen 24 Mar 17

    There’s a picture at home, of me in my graduation robes, proudly beaming into the camera. I thought that exams and revision were far behind me. How naive. Two decades and two children later, I’m... Read More

  • Goodbye Coursework 30 Dec 16

    In June 2013, when Michael Gove was Education Secretary, he set out a plan to radically modify GCSEs in England. “There is now a widespread consensus,” he declared in his speech to the House of... Read More

  • The Greatest Gift... That I Possess 30 Sep 16

    At St Helen’s College in Hillingdon – a school for 4-11 year olds and a charming oasis of geniality – happiness is high on the agenda. According to the school’s last inspection, pupils... Read More

  • Are You Cut Out To Be A School Governor? 16 Sep 16

    Well-qualified? perhaps. Enthusiastic? That’s a bit more tricky. In our time-poor, hectic lives where most of us are juggling long working hours and all the demands of family life, it’s no... Read More

  • Open To Advice 2 Sep 16

    Despite the fact that it only seems nano-seconds ago that you were changing nappies, you’ve blinked, and now it’s time to start choosing a school for your little one … but where to start... Read More

  • Overbearing Oversharing 25 Mar 16

    At a concert recently, I decided to tell the world what I was doing. I tweeted a picture of the performer and ‘checked in’ on Facebook, tagging my companion as being there at the show with... Read More

  • Making Sense of Science 11 Mar 16

    Hands up anyone who struggled with science at school… anyone who felt that it was all too esoteric and elevated, and that it didn’t really matter anyway because it wasn’t that relevant to our... Read More

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