• Solving Sibling Strife 23 Feb 18

    ‘Hair ripped out and left in clumps like tumbleweed on the kitchen floor. A snail, stamped on in malice because Fiona had adopted it as a pet. After 16 years of sharing a house with my warring son... Read More

  • Scholarship Savvy 23 Feb 18

    Financial aid is on offer to standout individuals who have unusual talents or are keen to make a real difference in the world. European-funding-guide.eu, a European social start-up, is collaborating... Read More

  • On the Bright Side 12 Jan 18

    Raising a child who’s much brighter than his/her siblings or classmates brings plenty of challenges. Indeed, one mother has written about her experience of having a gifted child as ‘one of the... Read More

  • Risk-taking and Resilience 29 Dec 17

    When I first heard about teaching toddlers to assess risks, it made me smile – conjuring up images of earnest mini health and safety officers wearing hard hats and clutching clipboards. But the... Read More

  • Teaching and Talking 6 Oct 17

    When it comes to education, parents will generally move mountains to get their children into the right school. We’ll question them about their day (the familiar ‘what did you do at school... Read More

  • In Someone Else's Shoes 22 Sep 17

    The end of an academic year generally features fêtes and festivals, social events and speech days, celebrating individual achievements and whole-school success. Back in June, St Hilda’s Preparatory... Read More

  • Slogging on a Saturday 22 Sep 17

    I sometimes joke that, as a teenager, I had more disposable income than I do now as a working adult. Unencumbered by mortgage, bills or the cost of the weekly shop, my pockets were heavy with the... Read More

  • Unpicking the Past 22 Sep 17

    After the battle of aylesbury in 1642, William Delafield, clerk of the parish of Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, was horrified when returning Roundhead soldiers tried to plunder the church and take... Read More

  • Set For lIfe? 8 Sep 17

    In some far-flung Utopia there are senior schools with a strong academic record, and a warm and caring yet disciplined ethos, within walking distance of every home; and if one’s not right for any... Read More

  • The Truth About Dyscalculia 8 Sep 17

    Very few people have heard of dyscalculia, and even if they have, often they don’t really understand what it means. The sort of comments you might hear are My child is poor at maths – he has... Read More

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