• What's Your School of Thought? 18 Oct 19

    If homework battles with your child every might are wearing you down, you’re not alone. Earlier this year, Kirstie Allsopp sparked debate on Twitter after dismissing homework as ‘a waste of... Read More

  • Operatunities for All 20 Sep 19

    Half an hour before curtain up at the Royal Opera House, and the foyer hums with the familiar buzz of anticipation. Usually you’ll find the place filled with men and women dressed for the... Read More

  • Decisions, Decisions! 20 Sep 19

    At every stage of a child’s education there are choices to be made. When they’re young, it’s our job as parents to make those decisions… which nursery should they attend, which primary school... Read More

  • How to Help Your Teen Hit the Ground Running 6 Sep 19

    1. Celebrate New Stationery Never underestimate the motivational power of a new novelty rubber. Yes, your teen’s desk drawer may be spilling over with every kind of highlighter, but a blank... Read More

  • The Great Mobile Phone Debate 6 Sep 19

    Earlier this year, Minister for School Standards Nick Gibb called for a more stringent approach to smartphone use in schools. Commenting on government guidelines on health education, which recommended... Read More

  • Just an Orange Juice for Me 6 Sep 19

    Heading off to University my son had a major problem. There was something about him that he worried he would have to hide for three years, for fear of being ostracised by his fellow students. Not that... Read More

  • Reading Kids Like a Book 19 Jul 19

    One of an author’s key aims should be to encourage reading for pleasure. And there’s no audience – for my money at least – more important to try to get reading books than the young. I set... Read More

  • New Beginnings 5 Jul 19

    Having grown used to ruling the roost in their current education setting, 11-year-olds across the country are facing up to being the littlest in the school, once again, when they move on to... Read More

  • Climbing Trees, Not Walls 21 Jun 19

    ‘More children can identify a Dalek than an owl’; ‘more children are now admitted to British hospitals for injuries incurred falling out of bed than falling out of trees’ and ‘the distance... Read More

  • A Mature Approach 17 May 19

    Never did I imagine that a pen and paper could have such impact – but reaching for these items drew positive gasps of astonishment from fellow students on my recent Diploma Course at Oaklands... Read More

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