• Look at Life: Keith Flint 8 Mar 19

    I’m writing this in shock at the death of Keith Flint, frontman for dance band The Prodigy. I know that people can be powerfully affected by the death of someone in the public domain. I remember... Read More

  • Conversation and Creation 8 Mar 19

    Oscar-winning actor Olivia Colman, who recently received the coveted accolade for portraying the rambunctious Queen Anne in The Favourite, highlighted how women in the 18th century were just as... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Hawtrey's 8 Mar 19

    The Barn Hotel is a delightful contrast of old and new. Made up of three historic Grade 2 listed buildings, it combines the traditional decor of a stately home with a modern, relaxed boutique vibe... Read More

  • Not a Dry Run 8 Mar 19

    Witnessing an ocean of change: The green wheels are turning, and more people are making a conscious choice to combine looking good with feeling good about the planet. Lush is leading the way in... Read More

  • What a Beautiful Hue 8 Mar 19

    The ribbon of land that comprises Vietnam stretches about 1,000 miles from north to south, yet only 30 miles from west to east. Travelling by road is not easy, nor particularly safe. A single-track... Read More

  • Making the Most of Music 8 Mar 19

    Music is a truly human phenomenon – present in every culture on every continent. Its value is not only in the joy that it brings to those who perform it, listen to it or dance to it, but also in the... Read More

  • Spring into Action 8 Mar 19

    When a japanese tidying consultant set up her own business at the age of 19, little did she know that her name would become so synonymous with decluttering that it would become a verb – as in... Read More

  • Pumping an Iron 8 Mar 19

    1. Scrubbing the bath Removing soap scum from your tub with a bit of added elbow grease for 15 minutes can burn up to 50 calories, which is the same as 250 jumping jacks. This chore is great for... Read More

  • Shaken, Stirred… and Exiting Stage Left 8 Mar 19

    After all this time, it’s genuinely difficult to separate Daniel Craig from his alter-ego James Bond. Both possess a steely, buttoned-up charm, and neither lets his guard down for a second. The... Read More

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