Reclining Figure Draped; photo: Jonty Wilde © The Henry Moore Foundation


  • Making More of Moore 21 Apr 17

    Perry green, Henry Moore’s former home and workplace, near Much Hadham in East Hertfordshire, is barely 25 miles from central London… and yet there is a palpable sense of shedding the city and all... Read More

  • Paw-trait of an Education 21 Apr 17

    When children arrive at Mandeville Primary School, St Albans, every morning, they’re greeted not only by their teachers, but also by another very special member of the school team. This individual... Read More

  • Boxing Clever 21 Apr 17

    According to a recent survey the ‘average mother’ relies on a mere nine recipes to feed her family. Now, according to my three teenagers, I fall well below average in so many areas of the... Read More

  • Gemma's Finest Hour 21 Apr 17

    Since making her cinematic breakthrough a decade ago as the head girl at notoriously anarchic all-girls school St. Trinian’s, Gemma Arterton has embodied a number of iconic British female roles... Read More

  • Look at Life: A Whiter Shade of Pale 21 Apr 17

    I’d been thinking about it for a while. That skunk-like stripe that kept stubbornly reappearing on my head was starting to intrigue me. It was so white… and I was curious to know how I’d look if... Read More

  • Hey Mr DJ Put A Record On… 20 Apr 17

    Hospital radio has always been a rather cool way to break into a media career. Phillip Schofield, aged just 15, used to make a weekly train trip from his home in Newquay all the way to Plymouth... Read More

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