• A Keen Eye and Nimble Fingers 17 May 19

    Two of the highlights of my magazine year are the evenings – one in May, one in November – when the Heath Robinson Museum at Pinner launches its new selections of artisan-made pieces for its... Read More

  • Going Underground 17 May 19

    London owes its very existence to a river, namely the Thames or what Julius Caesar called ‘the Tamesis’. The bridge built by the Romans above the marshes at Southwark in 43AD instigated the... Read More

  • How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall 17 May 19

    A Uniting Theme: One of the best aspects of this trend is just how well it can showcase your individuality – using a common theme across your artwork can really bring your whole wall together... Read More

  • Zara and the Chocolate-Box Cottage 17 May 19

    A weekend break soaking up rural delights in the Cotswolds led Zara Dawson and her partner Lex James to buy this picturesque cottage in the village of Great Rollright, surrounded by glorious views... Read More

  • All the World Is Still a Stage 17 May 19

    He’s bold, charismatic, strong, controversial and effortlessly funny, but there is a serious side to Sir Patrick, someone who can justifiably be referred to as British acting royalty. A man loved by... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Bricklayers Arms 17 May 19

    The Bricklayers Arms is no more than fifteen minutes from my house, but after driving through lanes that wind through idyllic Chess Valley countryside and entering the beautiful village of Hogpits... Read More

  • A Mature Approach 17 May 19

    Never did I imagine that a pen and paper could have such impact – but reaching for these items drew positive gasps of astonishment from fellow students on my recent Diploma Course at Oaklands... Read More

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