• Look at Life: Deafness 11 Jan 19

    I’m writing this in early January – that time of year when resolutions are made, resolutions are broken. After a week of sitting around eating chocolate selection boxes for breakfast and tucking... Read More

  • Eat Fat and Lose Fat 11 Jan 19

    I’ve spent my entire adult life avoiding fat in my diet. In the 80s, 90s and noughties the low-fat mantra was absolute. I would no more have drunk full fat milk than ingested rat poison; but over... Read More

  • Homeward Bound 11 Jan 19

    Relocating from London, Laura Davenport struck it lucky when she spotted a Grade II-listed cottage and farmhouse for sale in a picturesque village overlooking stunning views of the Waveney Valley on... Read More

  • Rum and Revolutions 11 Jan 19

    Arriving at Havana airport, you’re struck at once by some unusual scenes. Waiting at baggage claim, besides the usual throng of passengers lining up to collect suitcases, is an even larger gathering... Read More

  • Keeping up with Kidman 11 Jan 19

    There is a level of consistency that has always accompanied Nicole Kidman’s work. From breakthrough brilliance (Dead Calm and Days of Thunder) to shimmering showtime magnificence (Moulin Rouge... Read More

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