A recent survey showed that advertiser´s response benefits from a predominantly affluent, leisure orientated readership who enjoy the magazine format and, as a result of the wide variety of service advertising and popular editorial content, retain Optima in their homes on average for up to one month.

Readership Survey Statistics

15% of Optima readers are under 21 years old
41% are aged 21 - 50
44% are over 51 years
88% are home owners are 49% have no mortgage
89% of readers are car owners with 49% owning 2 or more cars
67% of households have at least one person working
51% are professional, middle or senior management
Leisure Activities
69% of our readers eat out at least once a month and 70% would travel over 10 miles to a restaurant
39% currently attend a gym or health club
71% visit the theatre and 65% the cinema
93% have at least one annual holiday with 42% having two holidays or more a year
91% of readers are willing to travel 20 miles, or more, for main items such as cars, home improvements, furniture, soft furnishings, clothes etc.
70% use the Internet at home and 30% at work.
54% shop on-line
Largest Purchases
In the last 12 months: 32% household appliances, 25% electronic goods, 22% home improvements, 21% new car
92% of homes retain Optima Magazine for up to one month
88% preferred a magazine format to a newspaper - they enjoyed the presentation, ease of handling and think that with the even balance of advertising to editorial, the magazine is useful as well as entertaining
* all information acquired directly from the readership via a questionnaire within the magazine.

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